Diálogos Sostenibles II: Panamá y Nueva Orleans
Museo del Canal Interoceanico de Panama
November 15, 2007


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Following the relinquishing of control of the Canal de Panamá by the U.S. to Panama in 1999 and the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in 2005, an incredible outpouring of international response from architects and environmentalist has generated debates on the notion of “sustainable” design strategies for the process of reconstruction. Such massive reconfiguration of territory has raised pressing questions concerning the possibility of integrating various natural and artificial systems. At least in the case of New Orleans, while “sustainability” is held up as the goal for development, contradictory practices often follow. In the past seven years Panama and New Orleans has experienced extreme transformations in its natural and urban landscape. Will the current processes of urban reconstruction create a basis for a sustainable future or cause further devastation?

This event will bring together innovative Latin American and U.S. architects, planners and scholars to discuss their current work, the relationship between sustainability and design, and its relevance for the planning processes currently underway in Panama and New Orleans. What role should sustainable architecture and urban design play in the on-going process of reconstruction? Given the differences of the two geographic locations, the symposium will also consider the larger context of environmental changes in ecological patterns, ranging from the effects of hurricanes to urban development. What impact do these processes have on the reorganization of the “natural” and “man-made” landscapes and the role the design community can play in initiating changes? The importance of collective thought and action, drawn from various regions of the globe, mark the emergence of new strategies for imagining the reconstruction of the contemporary city as an alternative and sustainable form of urbanism.

All events are free and open to the public.



Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Panel 1. Ecological Reconstructions
This topic attempts to account for the recent proliferation of new forms of manipulated landscapes of development in which mass mutations have completely undermined the once distinct notion of “city” and “nature.”

09:20 hrs: Registration
09:40 hrs: General Introduction
09:50 hrs: Moderator: OLGA RODRIGUEZ (Panama)       rodarq@cwpanama.net
10:00 hrs: MEDERICO FAIVRE (Argentina) faivre@elsitio.net
10:30 hrs: DAVID WAGGONNER (New Orleans)       d_waggonner@wbarchitects.com
11:00 hrs: ALVARO URIBE (Panama) urbio@pananet.com
11:30 hrs: AMALE ANDROS (New York) aandraos@work.ac
12:00 hrs: Discussion

12:10 hrs: Lunch (2 hrs)

Panel 2. Green Infrastructure/Landscapes/Architecture
What is the relationship between sustainable landscapes, infrastructure, and architecture?

02:10 hrs: Moderator: DAN WOOD (New York) dxwood@work.ac
02:20 hrs: EDUARDO GONZALEZ (Venezuela)       edugoncruz@gmail.com
02:50 hrs: DREW LANG (New York) dl@drewlang.com
03:20 hrs: LUIS CARLOS HERRERA (Mexico)       moreguachi@gmail.com
03:50 hrs: DEBORAH GANS and JAMES DART (New York) info@gans-studio.net, jkd@archdart.com
04:20 hrs: Discussion

04:30 hrs: Break

Panel 3. Planning Alternatives and Sustainable Changes
Traditional planning has often fixated on large-scale, unchanging and ideal plans. How does the current practice of sustainable planning challenge such ideals in its attempt to implement sustainable changes?

4:50 hrs: Moderator: MANUEL TRUTE (Panama)       mtrute67@yahoo.com
5:00 hrs: CLEMENCIA ESCALLON (Colombia)       cescallon@cable.net.co
5:30 hrs: GABRIEL GOMEZ (Mexico) ggomez@ucol.mx
6:00 hrs: MATTHEW BERMAN (New York)       mdb@workshopapd.com
6:30 hrs: RAISA BANFIELD (Panama) rbanfield@cwpanama.net
7:00 hrs: ALLEN ESKEW (New Orleans) aeskew@studioedr.com
7:30 hrs: Discussion

7:40 hrs: Reception


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